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the Departments of Medicinal Chemistry  And Drug Discovery has been actively involved in imparting a relevant knowledge base and technical skills in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry; offering engrossing research activities in the field of industrial research, development of eco-friendly and “green chemistry methodologies”, and fundamental academic research.

The Department offers excellent infrastructure with sophisticated equipment and well equipped laboratories; and knowledge in the form of a vast collection of relevant books and journals.

The department is engaged in the following thrust area of research and work is going on the following topics:
Synthetic : Anti- retro virus, Antineoplasm, Hypoglycemic , Hypolipidemic, and other CVS related
    * Antimalarial, Antihelmintic, Antifungal- Chemotherapeutic agents.
    * Centrally acting agents:  Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson, Antiepileptic,
    * Antidepressant, Antipsychotics and adrenergic and cholinergic drugs.
Reterosynthesis :
Ecofriendly Process :  Development of new methodologies using microwave oven. . Applications of the novel methods for synthesis of drugs, drug intermediates and new chemical entities for various therapeutic areas.
QSAR studies:
Phytochemistry :
Ammi ,Silymarin , Citrus fruits.          
IndoleAlkaloids ;  Ergot , Rauwolfia , Vinca , Nux – Vomica Work is going on the plant;
Artemisin, Taxus, Vinca,
Saponinglycosides :Momordica , Liquorice , Shatavari , Gokhru , Quillaia  bark , Dioscorea
Cardiac glycosides :  Digitalis , Squill , Stropanthus
Anthraceneglycosides :Senna, Rhubarb , Aloe , Hypericum
Coumarin and Flavanolglycosides ;Psoralea
QuinolineAlkaloids : Cinchona , Camptotheca
IsoquinolineAlkaloids : Opium , Curare , Ipecac
Tropane Alkaloids: Datura , Henbane , Belladona    

Steroids Alkaloids: Kurchibark ,Ashwagandha and other miscellaneous alkaloids.
Analysis :
Spectroscopy : UV , IR, NMR
Chromatography : HPLC , HPTLC.       


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